Saturday, August 30, 2008

Food, Glorious Food!

When I was deciding where to go with PiA (the program I am teaching through), I considered several things: the climate, the culture, the university, the pay, the students, the language, the outdoor opportunities, etc. I was a little embarrassed at the time at how high food was on my list (like pretty much #1); I am no longer embarrassed. The food in Thailand is incredible. I just wander around the market buying things I don't recognize and 99% of the time it's amazing. I have had one bad meal of hundreds in Thailand so far (Nick will recall the snot soup). 

When I was living in Spain for a summer, I missed American food fairly often, but from tropical fruits to charcoal grilled meats to sticky rice, to coconut milk curries to tapioca desserts to spicy salads and all the amazing sauces and condiments in addition to western baked goods that Thais rock at making, I haven't had time to miss American food. Incredibly fresh produce flavored with thai basil, mint, lemongrass, coconut milk, kaffir lime, ginger, and thai chilis, leaves no room to desire anything else. 

There are several ways to get food in Thailand: the supermarket, the street vendor, the market, the "chairs and roof" restaurant and the "real" restaurant." As an ode to Thai food, I will go into more detail about each one in later posts as there are many delicious things available at each establishment. 

but for now, some Saturday Love:

Things I Love (any day of the week):

Obviously, Thai Food

People watching (can we make this into one word, please?) at Thai clubs (and in general)

Dancing to The Vengaboys (especially in TRiP vans, but anywhere is good)

Wine & Cheese Parties (really, potlucks in general)

Swimming on Sunny Days

Fresh Flowers

Days where you do nothing but read a good book

Taking funny pictures

Climbing up to really high places and looking at the world around me


The moment on Friday that made my week when my students asked if I was teaching the next class in the series because they wanted to be in my section

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