Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Update & Love

Sorry for the lack of blogging regularity; I've been spending some time with new people, and have had some internet problems, so I haven't been on my computer for several days. 
Things here are still great, I've been doing a lot of yoga (I practiced for 3 hours last night with friends), and generally having a good time with great people. 
Right now there is an epidemic of Dengue Fever in Chiang Mai, almost every day I hear that someone I know has gotten it. It is carried by mosquitos and there is not vaccine or cure, you just suffer through the flu-like symptoms for 1 week - 1 month depending on your body and the strain you get. So far I've escaped it's wrath, but if you are someone who prays, hopes, wishes, sends thoughts/energy, or whatever else you do, please send some my way because Dengue is pretty awful to have. 
On Saturday I went to a dance show at the CMU Art Museum called "When Worlds Collide." It was an amazing show of Asian Fusion dance with incredible dancers and really creative themes and music (sadly, I didn't have my camera, this is from the City Now website). 

Almost as entertaining were the dolled up Katheoy (ladyboys) who hosted the show and gave out flowers. Someday I will blog about gender in Thailand; the dynamics are really interesting. 

And without further ado, here is a Tuesday Love List, because its never too late for love :)

Making connections with new people
Planet Earth (the BBC documentary, but yes, also the planet itself)
Good Massages
Being open-heartedly honest
Beautiful Eyes
Carbon Leaf (thanks to Jackson for the musical suggestion)
The smell of Frangipani Flowers
Slow, 5-breath, no-fan Sun Salutations at Wild Rose
Running in the Rain
Getting Snail Mail (thanks to Sandy and winkwink nudgenudge to others!)
Creative smoothie combinations
Being inspired
Listening to a guy sing and play acoustic guitar
Sunday Lunch at Fi's, oh that rug!

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