Sunday, August 3, 2008

Should I Just Keep a Running List? (More Seredipities)

Today I took a great new Yoga class and the teacher looked familiar. Turns out she lived in Gainesville and often ate Krishna Lunch (lunch on campus made by the Hare Krishnas and eaten on a big field) so I probably saw her there!

I was thinking to myself that I wanted to play some ultimate frisbee but hadn't found any groups in CM. Lo-and-behold, I the next person I met mentioned frisbee, "Yeah, we play every Saturday, we'd love to have you!"

After my meditation group the other night, one of the guys (whom I had never even talked to before) came up and asked if I would like to go mountain biking, FOR FREE, with all gear provided? Why, YES please - I can think of few things I would like more.

It seems that in Chiang Mai if I think to myself "gee, X would be nice" someone comes up to me and asks "would you like X? I will arrange it all for you and everything will work out perfectly."

The biking was awesome, the views were beautiful and the trail was intense!

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Estefi said...

Ahhh!! So nice, girl!! You really are living in paradise, I'm so jealous but happy for you and happy that I get to live vicariously through your entries!!! ;)