Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Love List

Things I Love:

Full Moons on Clear Nights
Seeing someone who reminds you of a person you love who is far away
When I can tell that my students really understand something I've taught them
How language structures your reality
Cozy Sweaters
Building Community
My down sleeping bag (I still haven't bought a comforter/blanket here, so I sleep with it every night)
Singing & Chanting
Climbing on real rock
When you are so thirsty that water tastes sweet
Accomplishing something you didn't think you could do
Social Experiments
Watching a movie on a rainy day

Don't forget to make your own and post it in the comments (or leave the link to your blog) <3


Anonymous said...

I love:
- Helping people w/ languages
- Being outside in hot weather and wearin' a shirt that's not makin' me sweat like a dog and that I actually feel comfortable in. ;)
- Meeting strangers that have my same sense of humor, haha
- That funny feeling you get in your fingers when you've just cut your nails... ^^
- Listening to a song I used to LOOOVE but then got sick of, and then remembering why I used to like it so much
- Smelling something that brings me back to a certain epoch in life
- The awesome tired/sleepy feeling you get after havin' worked out a lot and havin' showered, just as soon as your head hits the pillow...
- Perfumes

ms07042 said...

I got to view your blog thru another blog of someone who is very dear to me. I loved your blog and your adventures because you sounded so mature yet sentimental. Your work and adventure had reminded me of an American English Professor that I used to have long long time ago.

I looked at your photo, but I couldn't remember if I had seen you back in GNV; it might be you had grown up so much and I couldn't recognize you. I will say, I love
- seeing young people like you and your friend taking off to far away places to partake on challenges to make your lives more fulfilled.
- to see all your dreams come true in the future
- to see one day you all will find wonderful people to share your life with
- to see you will never loose the passion and enthusiasm for doing the things you like and remain adventurous

Take care,

mandy said...

i am doing mine now!
you can find it at
i love the idea, happy!