Friday, August 8, 2008

First Friday Love List

There are a few blogs I read regularly. One is Meg Fowler's, and every Friday she does a "Love List." It is simply a list of things she loves, and she encourages people to post one in the comments or on their own blog. I'm going to start, and I'd love if you wrote your own in the comments, or left the link for it in your blog :)

Things I Love: 

Friday Night Sauna at Wild Rose 

Thai Food


Drinking coffee on my balcony while I watch the sun come up

Andrew Brody's voice (host of the excellent podcast 'LSAT Logic in Everyday Life')

Making wordplay jokes that my students don't notice/understand

Being outside


Tropical fruit smoothies

The chocolate cake at Wawee (Thailand's answer to Starbucks)


Pun Pun Organic Vegetarian Restaurant (amazing food)

Reading (currently on an SF fix, and into "Snow Crash")

being an ENFP

Soundtrack Moments (when a moment in your life fits so perfectly with the song you are listening to - sometimes it's in your mind, sometimes playing - that it could be the soundtrack to a movie)

Serendipities (gifts from the universe)

Parenthesizing my thoughts (in writing and speaking)


Jackson said...

-The second deck
-Linville Gorge
-My lakeside front porch
-Being sore all over from working hard
-Word Challenge
-Counselor camp
-Juan Luis Guerra

Anonymous said...

I ::totally:: love Soundtrack moments!!! I know exactly what you mean... ;) I have already joined in too and began doin' Friday Love Lists! Keep havin' fun, girl! ♥