Thursday, June 4, 2009

Harvesting Honey

While I was in Florida, I got to join my good friend Ethan at his parents' house for a honey harvest. His mom and a few of her friends keep bees in his parents' backyard and the whole neighborhood comes over to help/watch. 

First they smoke the bees to calm them down and make them go away so they don't get squished while the racks full of honeycomb get moved around.

Then you take a special hot knife and slice off the wax that holds the honey in...

and then the honey comes oozing out and you lose all self-control.

Once you've gorged yourself on honey-filled beeswax, you put two racks in the centrifuge and crank away

then the honey comes pouring out the bottom 

Oh. My. God. Delicious. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Somebody's learning the Future Perfect...

I got an e-mail from a past student asking what courses I was teaching this semester (I feel so loved), and when I replied saying I was no longer in Thailand I got this:

Dear teacher
 I don't know when you come back your country.
you will come back to thailand?
I hope you will have been a success everything.
I will have missed you.Thank you for everytime.

Or perhaps we could say "learning" the future perfect...

which brings me to my new favorite blog that made me laugh so hard I cried last week:

I supposed this outs me as a grammar snob. Well, then I might as well share this too, from The Economy Isn't Happening: a rant about the over(and incorrect)use of the word literally