Thursday, June 4, 2009

Harvesting Honey

While I was in Florida, I got to join my good friend Ethan at his parents' house for a honey harvest. His mom and a few of her friends keep bees in his parents' backyard and the whole neighborhood comes over to help/watch. 

First they smoke the bees to calm them down and make them go away so they don't get squished while the racks full of honeycomb get moved around.

Then you take a special hot knife and slice off the wax that holds the honey in...

and then the honey comes oozing out and you lose all self-control.

Once you've gorged yourself on honey-filled beeswax, you put two racks in the centrifuge and crank away

then the honey comes pouring out the bottom 

Oh. My. God. Delicious. 

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Ethan said...

Hey Ali!! So I finally got the internets on my computer again and I realized that I haven't checked your blog in a LONG time. I like this update, and thank you for not posting that picture of you and me lying naked curled up at the base of the centrifuge whilst covered in honey. Man it would've been embarrassing if THAT'd gotten out!