Thursday, September 4, 2008

R.I.P. Morning Glory

I have lost the battle, but I am determined to win the war. This morning I laid my once-beautiful morning glory plant to rest in the trash can at the end of the hall. It finally succumbed to the long, hard battle with a colony of ants (which have since overrun my apartment). I have been trying for weeks to save it - pruning it aggressively, rubbing it with ant-repelling herbal oils, taking it in the shower with me to wash of the disgusting white egg sacs... but it was not to be. To save the other plants (hopefully my sanity if this stems their population expansion), I had to sacrifice it.

I cannot leave a crumb of food lying out without it being swarmed. They are beginning to explore my clothes, and the garbage can is a lost cause. I have figured out a few ways to thwart them though. With my sharp TRiP leader instincts still in tact, I have started hanging small "ant bags" on my curtain rod with anything they may find enticing hoisted out of reach (so far they seem incapable of coming out onto the rod and climbing down the string into the bag). 

Ahimsa is great and all that, but I can't help it - Death to ants! The battles continue...

Speaking of battles - if you are worried at all about my safety due to the protests in Bangkok, don't be. CM is all 'life as usual'. So is most of Bangkok from what I hear, but really no worries here. I'm more worried about some of you in Florida! 

Funny side note: I recently bought some big plates to put my plant pots on to catch the water that runs out. I bought them at this place I go often, where most of the stuff is handmade locally - you can tell because there are imperfections. I sort of assumed it was all from the same people, but when I got my most recent purchase home, I looked on the bottom and saw none other than the Ikea logo! Rejects from the factory? Overstock? Wrong order made? who knows, but I got a plate most likely $30 in Canada/US for $1.50 and had a good laugh at all the cultural implications. 

My balcony feels so empty - like my heart - without you, morning glory...

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