Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things I Love that can Make My Day

1. Seeing the Sunrise

2. Smiling a really big smile at a stranger and getting one back

3. Seeing a rainbow

4. Laughing so hard I start crying and then sort of screaming quietly to myself which I can't control and then everyone realizes I'm still laughing and gives me weird looks (thanks Ted for the cinderblock joke)

5. Getting Snail Mail (shout out to Abbie for snail mailing me a Love List!)

6. Making brief meaningful connections with strangers

7. A really great yoga practice

8. When something simple works out just perfectly (like a light turns green just before you have to slow down, or you make a smoothie and it fits perfectly into your glass, or you take a wrong turn and run into someone you wanted to see)

9. Hearing from an old friend

10. Having an epiphany about something that has been bothering me

11. Synergistic potlucks

12. When someone posts a comment on my blog (go Sandy and Ethan!)

13. Letting go and realizing that everything will still be okay (often will only be okay if I do let go)

14. Dancing 


Anonymous said...

One thing that makes my day: reading a new blog post by Ali, whom i love!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alison !
Did you get my lengthy email commenting on several of your blogs
through "morning glory"? Still love reading your blogs and continue to do so !! Love and hugs, Grandma

Anonymous said...

hey Ali !
WE love reading your blogs and I finally figured out how to leave a comment. Grandma and I often do this together. You can email your response (for Grandma) to me. Love Bev

Anonymous said...

Hey, whazzup Ali??? Haven't heard from u in a while. Hope everyhing is still going well! I sent u a long email about 10 days ago. Did u get it???? I just got back from an absolutely unbelieveable retreat with Joanna. The best one yet! Write soon!

Lotsa love,

Faucher said...

Ali I just stumbled upon your blog for the FIRST time and although I am sad that I haven't discovered until now I am very happy to finally have a better notion of what your life is like these days.

I really want to try to food/10 favorite songs gathering...I haven't been to enough group gatherings lately and you have motivated me to create a similar kind of space in the near future...just wish you could be there!

Hope you have many things to love this week :)