Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Love List

because you can list things you love any day of the week (and its like therapy)

1. My Dad (Happy Birthday!)

2. Havi Brooks: she blogs about habits and fear (way more fun than it sounds) and she's brilliant (and she parenthesizes her thoughts - like me)

3. Spending time by myself

4. Getting clarity on something I've been wondering and worrying about

5. Joshua Radin's album Be Here Now

6. Scrubs (I just bought a season 1-6 DVD pack for $8)

7. SE Asia and it's lack of copyright laws (which also allows me to get entire books photocopied and bound so they look exactly like the original)

8. The Artist's Way

9. The smell of jasmine

10. Realizing that I'm good at my job

11. Talking to someone who really understands me

12. Spending all afternoon in a coffee shop

13. Watching the sunset

14. Love (yeah I know its cheesy to put 'love' in a love list - get over it)


Havi Brooks (and duck) said...

Wheee! What an honor to be mentioned in a list of such fabulous things (and then on top of that to be lauded rather than chastised for one's paranthetical tendencies).

Very, very cool.

.hello foto said...

Watching the sunset-- seconded.