Sunday, January 11, 2009

Creativity: Part I

I've been really into learning about and encouraging creativity lately (I'll explain why in Part II), and it has extended to my teaching.

If you've been reading since I started, you'll remember that my students go nuts for role-plays and skits. It is the most they care about English all semester. This time around, I really encouraged them to be creative and funny, and to use props and costumes.

I got a lot of top-notch skits with details about the Alternative Medicine (our current unit) they were supposed to have researched and then this:

Student 1: Hi, How are you?

Student 2: I'm very sad. I cannot eat, cannot sleep

1: Why that?

2: Because I fall in love with one woman

1: What is her name?

2: Alison

1: Really, is she beautiful?

2: She is so beauty, tall slim smart perfect every thing

1: Oh! So you're hurt a lot

2: Yes

1: Okay you must try aromatherapy. It so good for you

... this with straight faces (to their credit) - can't say the same for myself (or the rest of the class)

I gave them 5/5 for performance/creativity (aka balls)

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Chris said...

That is absolutely hilarious! Aromatherapy! Cures anything.