Wednesday, January 7, 2009

16 people, 16 hours, 1 songtaew

In case you're wondering, a songtaew is a covered pickup truck with benches down the sides of the truckbed

and yes, we crammed 16 people into one and rode in it for 8 hours to get to the mountains (trippies, you got it easy!) It was epic.

As always though, it was worth it

I went with Jordan (visiting friend from Canada), April & Dave, two friends from yoga, and some Thai university students I met through one of my Thai tutors

We got there in time to run around and take pictures

(that's Laos behind us, with the Mekong river running below)

before we settled down to watch the sunset.

It was cold, and we paid a group of little boys 40 baht (~$1) to build us a big fire, which was awesome because gathering wood is my least favorite campsite chore.

The next morning we drove to Pucheefa, a famous cliff with gorgeous views

and cute children

and dangerous children with whiskey

overall, a breath of fresh air (yeah, literally and figuratively)

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