Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and all the other winter holidays that I would probably spell wrong if I wrote them out. I love you all.

I'm in 2552 now, what year are you in? Whoa, back in the single digits, eh? 

Although I missed you all, I did have a pretty good time here. Jordan stayed for the holidays and it was nice to have someone around who I've known so long - like family.

It was interesting to be in a place that doesn't really celebrate Christmas. The international corporations (grocery stores, Starbucks, etc.) capitalized on it of course, but other than that I didn't see any decorations or hear any music and this is the first year that I didn't buy a single present. 

I still wanted to celebrate a little though and I'm friends with a lot of foreigners, so the yoga community had a Christmas potluck and it was nice to be with people I care about here - also kinda like a family. We had grilled squid, papaya salad, spicy prawns and other traditional Christmas dishes. 

Jordan and I made pumpkin dump cake (thanks to Aunt Lulu for this family recipe) which was a big hit, and we all ate, drank and be-ed merry. 

For New Year's Eve, we went up to You Sabai/Pun Pun (the organic farm where I did my cooking course), and stayed in a bungalow with a view. 

There was a small party in the outdoor cafe there with music, dancing and homemade passion fruit wine - delicious! The countdown was pretty anti-climactic, mostly because there wasn't one. All of sudden somebody announced it was after midnight (nobody had noticed apparently, since we'd been eating and drinking since about 6:30) and I lit off some fireworks. I spent a good deal of time staring at the stars that night; an excellent way to bring in the New Year. 

Oh! and we played with baby tigers - cool!

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Ethan said...

Prospero año y felicidad! Sounds like a fun Christmas and New Years! I've just come to expect your pictures to be awesome. From what you've shown me of Thailand, it seems to be the most gorgeous place. I spent Christmas with Brian, Mangoose, Jessie, and Neysha in Mexico, my first one away from my family. It was weird, but fun. We bought the traditional 4 foot tall Spiderman piñata, filled it with candy (and cough drops and sal y limon onion rings), took it out to a clearing in the woods and beat it with sugar cane. Then we sat in a circle and sang feliz navidad. Keep us all posted! We're jonesin' for updates!