Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Perils of Blogging

Alright, so it's obvious that I haven't been in the blogging mood for quite some time now... the thing is that it's not because I haven't been writing.

In fact, I've written about 30 blog entries in the last two months, it's just that I have this mental block about getting onto the evil time-sucking interweb and actually posting them.

I'm sure The Artist's Way and Havi Brooks have some brilliant solutions to my creative block, but it extends so far as for me to avoid the internet, so I haven't been reading Havi, and well... maybe I just like being stuck?

Anyway, I find myself alone in Melaka, Malaysia thinking about the people I love (and any other potential readers who by now have abandoned me due to lack of posting) and feeling very guilty indeed for not updating.

So I will commence to randomly post things I've thought and written in the last two months with dates in hopes of orienting you, the reader, as to when they were written/happening/being thought about.

1 comment:

Ethan said...

You haven't lost us Ali! While we are very impatient, we are also understanding. Keep posting whenever you can!