Saturday, March 21, 2009


Dated: March 12th, 2009

Today I did 108 Sun Salutations. God guided me through each one.

It was like going through an entire lifetime... each round of the postures a year - some fast, some slow, some easy and flowing, others challenging and sometimes painful. It was intense and magical.

My God is the God of sunrises,
the God of running into old friends
because a traffic jam made you late.
The God of cool breezes,
who leaves lessons for life in the flowers.

My God is the God of teachers just when you need them,
and silver linings revealed when you had given up hope.
The God that laughs when you make plans,
but ensures you always get where you need to be.

My God is the God of sunsets,
who hugs you when a door is slammed shut,
and winks at you through the window cracked open.

My God is the God of song and dance,
who prefers this form of prayer,
and delights in creativity, and other expressions of love.

My God smiles at me from the moon and stars
and reminds me that life is never not perfect.

Note: this is the first poem I've written in 11 years, since I was forced to in grade 9 English class. At times I still struggle with using the word God to describe my concept of God/The Universe/Creator/The Great Spirit/etc. because of all the cultural baggage that follows the term, but it seems the simplest way for now.


David said...

i love this ali. a beautiful compliment to the limitless beauty you possess. i am so grateful for you and our beautiful friendship!

sal said...

oh ali, this is a wonderful poem. it will be learned in the future by theology students (i hope!)to help them find their way around the baggage. love you dearly.