Tuesday, January 19, 2010

30 New Friends

Alright, so obviously I've been busy (and/or avoiding blogging for various creative block reasons). But here's a quick update, which I will begin expanding on in posts to come.

1. I'm still in Massachusetts living and volunteering at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and loving every minute of it. I might stay. Like, for a long time...

2. In January, we started a new "term" (we commit to volunteer for 4 months at a time), and so about 30 volunteers left and 30 new ones came (all in the same day - what a crazy emotional transition).

3. I left my beloved job (and friends) of Veggie Prep and am now working in the Bakery, which I absolutely love.

4. The holidays were a dietary disaster, but with the new moon (new moons are good for setting intentions) last week, I'm back off sugar and this time gluten as well (more experiments, hurray!)

5. This past weekend I did a 4-day workshop with Dharma Mittra (pretty well-known yoga teacher who posed for the book 608 Yoga Poses - that's a lot of postures!) and it was really wonderful. It kicked my butt, but I loved it. I also started learning Capoeira, took people contra dancing, and led a partner yoga class. New Year, new energy.

#2 Expanded:

In a lot of ways, the Kripalu volunteer program reminds me of TRiP (the outdoor adventure program I led trips for in college).

One way for sure is that whenever a new group comes in, it's like automatically getting 30 new friends. Simply by virtue of the situation you are in (leading trips or living and volunteering together), you will become friends with a lot of these people.

I'm really excited about this new group, there are a lot of really wonderful and talented people who are enthusiastic about Kripalu and the karma yoga program. I have been re-inspired by their fresh energy and look forward to this semester.

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