Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yes We Can!

I, like millions of Americans, am really proud of my country right now. 
On Wednesday morning, I went to a pub in town which had CNN playing on the big screen, and watched the results come in with about 40 other anxious Americans. 

As the polls closed on the West Coast, and CNN called it for Obama, the group (and it seems the world) stood up and cheered. My roommate Maggie and I both cried; there is something about this man and this election and this time in history that is exceptionally touching. I cried when I heard he won, I cried when I saw Florida went blue, I cried during his victory speech and, yes I even had tears come to my eyes during McCain's gracious concession speech. 

Many people say cautiously "wait and see what he does now," and I agree, but must say I am happy with what has already happened. Apathetic people have been inspired, historically disenfranchised people feel a part of this victory, people stood in lines for hours to take part in this. We finally have a leader we can be proud of, and I have hope that he will be a real leader for the people. I get goosebumps when I hear him speak, and I think he just might be able to bring people together, and keep inspiring Americans to be hopeful for the future and for change.   


chinagirl said...

I cried a lot on Wednesday, too. Obama's speech was fantastic, and to see all of those people at Grant Park (3 of my friends were there!) enjoying that moment was stunning.
I guess the biggest thing is that now I have a reason to be proud of the US again. Just thinking about the whole thing makes me smile.

Anonymous said... is collecting messages of support for Obama from around the world (and of course Sal and I both sent ours!) which they are posting as they come in on a giant wall in downtown D.C.

In 72 hours they've gotten over 200,00 from 230 countries, and they're trying to get to a million.

The world is waking up and breathing again for the first time in 8 years.

This just might be the turning point.