Saturday, January 8, 2011

Up the West Coast

So after my lovely train ride from San Fran to Eugene, Oregon, I was picked up by two of my favorite people in the world, Rica Arnesen and Erock Greensfelder (who is now floating the Grand Canyon - have a blast, you lucky bastard!)

We went to a party at a friend of Erik's farm and danced the night away in their barn (okay, Erik & Rica danced the night away - exhausted from my travels, I passed out snug in my sleeping bag in the back of Rica's car).

The next day we drove to Erik's home in Portland and commenced in experiencing it's excellent "brunch culture". We went to a popular place called "The Screen Door" and Erik and I had their specialty which is waffles and fried chicken. Best darn fried chicken I've ever had (commence gluten coma).
Of course being super-hardcore outdoorspeople and being in Portland, it was imperative that we go hiking...

Erik: "The Rock around here is really loose, it's not a good place for climbing."
After Portland, I made my way up to Seattle and stayed with the lovely and gracious Courtney Campbell. I made pilgrimages to some food places like the International District which had some great asian food including a pretty decent bahn mi

I also went to Pike Place Market...

The first Starbucks... not very exciting, but apparently picture-worthy?

I gotta say I was disappointed, a few good food vendors, way too many "handicrafts", and of course, too many tourists. I was not however, disappointed by the Seattle public library - in fact, I was very impressed! The architecture was sufficiently awesome and I even happened upon a medieval violin and choral concert

I also visited the sculpture park in some typical Seattle weather,
and visited the flagship REI store which has this ridiculous(ly awesome) bike testing trail outside the store in the middle of a city block
On my last night I hung out with former TRiP leader and marine biologist extraordinaire Max Maliska as well as the extremely cute and talented couple Rachel Grant and John Rugh who serenaded us into the evening.

A lovely time spent traveling the west coast which I am sure to return to soon!

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