Monday, September 13, 2010

Interlude in Canada

Between leaving Kripalu and going to Cali, I did some traveling and visiting in Ontario and NYC.

Visiting my Dad and stepmom in Guelph was fun, especially because the Guelph Jazz Festival was on and we saw a lot of great concerts in some cool venues.

We saw Greg Brown at Folkway which is a fretted instrument store and repair shop, which was cool because there were guitar, banjos, mandolins and more covering the walls in the small space where he played. It was an intimate show, only about 60 people.

He sauntered out of the back and took the small stage with his guitar in one hand and a big glass of red wine in the other. He put on a fantastic show playing a lot of old favorites, newer stuff, covers and improvising a good bit.

That night we also went downtown to "Nuit Blanche" part of the Jazz Festival that included concerts, dance performances and art installations in venues all over the downtown and went all night till sunrise. Who ever thought Guelph was this cool? My favorite was an indian-fusion electronic band that played in the City Council Chambers.

I was also graced with a visit from my lovely Kripalu roommate Nikki who was in Toronto and stopped by Guelph to have lunch and cut my hair.



and dry

I also got to go out to the Garden Plot and pick veggies


Marina K Villatoro said...

You must have had a lot of fun!

Jackson Davis said...

Hair looks good!