Thursday, October 15, 2009

Living at a Yoga Retreat Center

So it turns out that Kripalu is kind of a big deal.

Last week CBS came and filmed a yoga class I was in for a piece they did on contemporary American spirituality (funny to see yourself on TV...)

The week before, superstar self-help author Byron Katie was here lecturing and before that, Deepak Chopra packed in about 600 people.

The other day, I was in the sauna with Shiva Rea (pretty famous yoga teacher).

While I'm not really one to get starstruck, it is kind of cool having some of the big names around because they often open up their programs to staff & volunteers. I've already become a bit spoiled:

Hmm, should I go to Shiva Rea's Trance Dance class or just walk under the full moon? (I opted for moon...)

There is definitely a downside to having celebrities in the house though, and not just that I have to cut twice as many vegetables. When a famous person is doing a program here, that person draws groupies - lots of them.

So for that weekend, my home is overrun.

It feels kind of like on the holidays when all your relatives come over and you don't know everyone that well, but you have to be polite and the house is a little too full and all you want to do is go about your business. ("I live here, okay?!")

But really? who am I to complain? I get to live where people come for retreat.

The entire energy of this place is dedicated to feeling good.

Sure, I work, but really not that much, and veggie prep is actually quite fun.

Hmm, this yoga class looks a little full, I guess I'll just go down to the whirlpool...


Jackson Davis said...

Having family over for the holidays = great analogy.

Urban Literati said...

I cannot be a coincidence that I stumbled upon your blog the day after I decided that I wanted to apply for a volunteer position at Kripalu. I consider this divine confirmation that my decision was a sound one.

I have a question. Am I limited to four months? I am considering a much longer stay.

Ali said...

@ Urban Literati: so glad you found my blog, and I agree - definitely not just a coincidence (that kind of thing happens around Kripalu all the time).
To your question, no, 4 months is the minimum, but many people stay longer. I am actually about to post a blog about my decision to stay longer. Did you apply for the January session?

Urban Literati said...

Sadly, I won't be ready in January. This decision requires a very detailed plan and enough savings to manage re-entry when my time at Kripalu is through. I am, however, definitely interested in a 2010 start.

I want to spend a year at Kripalu, and I have no family to fall back on should I make any major mistakes.

LOL. I have so many lists ...

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