Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Updated Plan

Posts about travels in Malaysia and Southern Thailand will be forthcoming, not to mention lots of juicy thoughts and analyzations of things, but for now I just wanted to let y'all know where I'm at (now was that good grammar or what?).

So it turns out, that in order to travel, you need time, and you need money, and I don't have much left of either.

So I've decided to go home! On May 3rd (wow that's soon!) :)/:(

My mom hooked me when she said there was jasmine & gardenias blooming outside my bedroom window and that I could cook whatever I wanted when I got home. 

It didn't hurt that my visa runs out on the 1st, and every day I overstay costs me about $15... or that it's getting really freaking hot here... or that I have very little money to sustain myself, and living with family is free (even if America is stupidly expensive compared to Asia).

On the subject of not having money, you'll notice that the updated plan differs from the original in that I am not longer going to Laos or Cambodia. Yes, that would cost money... haha but also it is already April 20th, and I realized through my Malaysian travels, that I tend to go too fast, try to fit too many things in (in life and in travel), and I keep getting messages from the universe to slow down. I'll get to those countries another sunny day.

So I have decided to just really spend some good time in Florida adjusting back to life in the West, spend time with people in Gainesville (I'll be there around the 14thish, get ready for some serious dinner parties!) and then make my leisurely way up to Guelph and then Muskoka (with a pitstop in Toronto - Padg, and maybe even Monteal - Sandy!).

So there you have it. I am sad to be leaving Thailand, and as I just made the decision and bought the ticket today (ahh!) it feels very soon, but at the same time it feels right

I have taken advantage of so much here, and done an admirable job at not taking my life here for granted, so I leave with no regrets, just lots of lessons and memories and love for the people and places here. 

Can't wait to reconnect with those of you I'll be seeing soon! Get ready for stories, pictures and food sharing. 


AG O'Bar said...

Looking forward to your arrival! :)

Tyler said...

Yay, good plan

Anonymous said...

YES YES YES!!! Either Ali coming to Montréal, or Montréal coming to Ali... =D

Dave Thurston said...

Ali, I "met" you through your comment on Zoe's blog. What an adventure. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts. Godspeed on your travels.

Anonymous said...

YAY. is that the 14th of May or June that you are approximating your arrival in this general region?

miss you n' love you like crazy.

Ali said...

that would be the 14th of May!
I'll be in Vero Beach 4-14thish
Gainesville 14th-18th
Vero 18th-22nd
and on the 22nd I fly to Canada!

jt said...

22 more days i have to wait eh???? baaah i cant wait to see you on our home turf again. muskoka is a beauty!